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Meetups for data practitioners, makers, founders, and anyone looking to learn about exciting things in the data ecosystem

Next event: Mar 09, 2023, Broadleaf, London

What is Data Mash?

Data Mash is a meetup series for & by practitioners, leaders, founders and tinkerers in the data ecosystem. We (AnnaElizabeth) started it to create space for what it’s all about - the people we’re serving, the problems we’re solving and the tools that help us do things at scale. If you care deeply care about what you do, want to learn and love meeting people who do the same, we hope you come along and feel right at home.

Upcoming events

We're working on the next meetup, please check back later.

Past events

Data Mash #7

Data Mash #7

Data Mash #5

Data Mash #5

Data Mash #4

Data Mash #4

Data Mash #3

Data Mash #3

Some of our past speakers

Alana Marzoev
Founder and CEO, ReadySet
Subrata Biswas
Engineering Manager, Airbnb
TJ Murphy
Head of Data, Multi Media
Katie Bauer
Head of Data, GlossGenius
Benn Stancil
Chief Analytics Officer, Mode
Jakub Jurovych
Founder and CEO, Deepnote
Pardis Noorzad
CEO, General Folders
Britt Allen
Data strategist, California Office of Digital Innovation

Nominate a speaker

Got ideas for speakers or topics you'd like to explore?


What's the event format?

The format is simple - each Data Mash has 3 lightning talks of 10 minutes each, followed by a 10 minute discussion with the speaker. Food, drinks & good chat for the rest of the evening!

  • Lightning talk #1: talk from a data practitioner
  • Lightning talk #2: talk from a founder / leader
  • Lightning talk #3: demo from an early-stage founder (started company within the last 12 months)
  • Bonus round: dater tots (you’ll have to come by to figure out what that means)
How can I learn about the next event?

Data Mash is currently a monthly seriesin San Francisco. We sometimes hold events in other cities (like Seattle or London in the past). The best way to learn about upcoming events is to subscribe and notified the next time we announce one.

I have ideas on how to make this better!

Wonderful! Just grab us at one of the upcoming events or just tweet at us @elizabeth_dlha / @anna_fil.

Can I nominate a speaker or suggest a topic?

Please do (you can also nominate yourself). You can do so via this form.

Still have questions?

Drop us an email at